Hello World

First of all, I’m not a fan of blogs. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, Welcome to our blog! This won’t be like the regular blogs you're used to because we aren't your regular brand. 

This is #BlownAway #BlownLife or just BlownAway Brand... Whatever's clever. Just be ready for anything on here. If you're new to the brand, we're extremely appreciative and hope you're ready for everything else we're building. For the people who have been following us, Wassup tho!! It's exciting to be blessed with the ability to display our growth. 

BlownAway has experienced a lot of growth since we've started. Growth in life is so meaningful. It can be growing in knowledge, growing as a leader, growing as a person, spiritual growth or even helping others grow. How can we expect the world to progress if these things don’t happen? There's obviously tons of other shit that must happen also, but this is just our first blog post. So we won't get into all of that just yet. 

What’s our next post? We'll find out whenever it's written. Until then, check out our 'Our Story' tab and follow us on IG and Twitter. On May 9th, a few people on our team will be checking out a pretty dope ass concert in LA called Block Party. The homie Craig Gillespie ( Twitter: @CraigGMusic & IG: Craig_gillespie ) will be performing.. So you should come out and chill with us while hearing some great up and coming artists.


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