One rare morning, Jelani Jumal woke up from a very animated and surreal dream. The dream was so vivid, it spoke to him directly; it spoke to his situation, to his soul. At first the dream would come sporadically, then it started occurring nightly. It was the same dream with the same revelation. It was an epic tale about a nobody and a somebody fighting their way to the same spot atop a throne

In time, Jelani became painfully aware that the nobody in his dream was actually him. Just like his current situation - no matter what he tried, he was always undervalued and overlooked. He was smaller and not as strong, he was poorer and not as "lucky" as that certain somebodyBut what he did have was his heart and every beautiful beat that came out of it. So instead of building on his power with money and fame to claim the throne; he used his harmony, merit, and positive vibrations to attain it. It was deep rooted in light, creative energy and the merging of thoughts from all walks of life. 

Jelani then took this revelation to create Blown Away™, a brand that instills all the values of that very vivid dream. Just as Jelani was BlownAway that morning and every day after that, YOU have the power to do that as well. This brand is meant for YOU to make the words Blown Away™ your interpretation, your reality, and your dream. We don't decide what is popular, YOU do. YOU control what we do and how we do it. This is a dream turned reality. A reality you are woven into, a reality you define with us.

Together we fuel this vision, and your own.